Refund Policy

The following terms and conditions apply to all orders placed on our website. We reserve the right to amend these terms without prior notice whenever deemed necessary and, when applicable, to use our discretion for any final decisions in regards to issues arising between our two parties.



1. After finalizing the checkout of an order, you may adjust certain details by contacting us via [email protected] within 06 hours of order placement. Following this, the order will be sent to suppliers, and you will no longer be able to adjust order details or cancel the order. Please note that if you cancel your order within 06 hours of order placement, you will be held responsible for the payment fee as this fee is non-refundable.

2. Please note that:
- You may make changes to your ordered item’s color and/or size unless that change results in any fluctuation in the price of the final item.
- Please contact us within 06 hours of order placement if you would like to cancel some items in your order which had one or more promotions applied. Furthermore, please note that your order may no longer be eligible for the promotion.



1. Replacement or refund conditions (if applicable):
- Your order does not arrive at your shipping address within 45 business days and no more than 60 business days of order placement.
- Your order has an issue of inadequate quality. Please note that any claims related to quality issues or product defects must be filed within 14 days from the date of receipt shown on the package's tracking details.

2. The complaint must be accompanied by full and clear evidence as detailed below:
- Photo(s) of quality issues and any damaged parts of the actual product received;
- Photo(s) of the incorrect item received (in case the item delivered is incorrect in terms of color/design/size compared to the order confirmation);
- Photo(s) of the size label and the entire item when measured with a ruler (in case of size is inconsistent with measurements stipulated in the size chart);
- Photo(s) of the original shipping label of the product received.

3. Within 02 business days from the date we receive full evidence of your complaint, we will review the case and offer you an appropriate solution.

4. After we confirm via email that you are eligible for a refund or replacement, your refund/replacement will be processed by our internal team within 07 business days of confirmation. Please note the following:
- You may expect to receive the tracking number of your replacement product(s) typically between 7-10 business days from the date of confirmation.
- You may expect to receive the refund 3-5 business days after we process your refund request. Please note that your payment provider decides when your refund will return to your payment account.

5. There is no need to return your item under any circumstances. Please note that if you return your item without our prior request, we will not be responsible for any loss or additional costs resulting from your unapproved return. Thus, if you have an issue with your order, please contact us via [email protected] within 14 days of order delivery to explain your grievance. Our customer service department will then help provide a replacement or refund if deemed appropriate.



1. You must provide all information and/or documentation in connection with your order(s) placed in our store upon request. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your customer account if fraudulent activity is detected, or refuse support if you do not sufficiently provide complete or accurate information and documents as per our refund policy.

2. We shall not assume any liabilities for any loss or shipment delivery failure due to: recipient’s unavailability, incorrect or insufficient address, package refusal, or theft of goods after delivery. Therefore, please take care to ensure your information is correct before checking out. After your order is completed, if you find any mistakes in the order confirmation, please contact us at [email protected] as soon as possible to receive prompt support.

3. We shall not assume any liabilities for a claim due to user error such as incorrect selection of sizes, designs, colors, etc.